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“I can attest to the hard-working, approachable, ethical, and vision-driven character of the amazing couple that runs Green Life Academy: Andy and Lisa Bunn. I am so impressed by this couple. I have a working relationship with Green Life Academy, using their space to give Spanish classes with InstitutoEstelarBilingĂĽe, which is based in Liberia. The owners are involved in everything happening at the school (talking with kids and parents, painting the rooms, training teachers, working with the community, etc), which is a result of their ambition to offer the best bilingual education possible. I highly recommend this school!”

Miranda Abbott

“The time and care you have for each child is noticed and appreciated. The boys are so very happy and talk about the lessons often. I really appreciate your efforts to make the school as green as possible and that you teach the kids manners and respect out of class.”


“Our daughter started her new school yesterday back here in Canada, and we are pleased to say that she came home today saying her “class is so easy! Like Kindergarten!

She is in Grade 1 and the students are currently in their last 2 months of the year, while she came from just the first term of Grade 1 at Green Life Academy. We were worried she would be behind but I guess not!

Thank you to Green Life Academy!”


“Thanks so much. The children are so happy! I asked my eldest to describe his day and he had so much to say. He said he was learning but it was fun too! Not just filling in pages! My youngest says that he is not sad in school now. Can’t thank you enough, you made my day.”


“We are so pleased with the progress both our children have made since we moved them to GLA. Not only do the fees work out to be less than other local schools because you are given a price that includes everything (no hidden surprises) but the level of education, support and care far exceeds either of the two other schools we have tried nearby. I only wish we had sent them here earlier, we have seen an amazing improvement in our children since they started at Green Life, both in confidence and ability.

This school and the amazing people there have done more for my child in a few months than the whole time they were in another local private school.

My sister in law is a teacher in Canada and she was astounded to see the level of work my daughter has been achieving throughout her time at Green Life.

My mother owns a large school in Central Valley and praises the standard and commitment to excellence that she sees at GLA.

This school and the amazing people there have done more for my child in a few months than the whole time they were in another local private school.

I wish all schools were this invested in the success of their students.

I have been a teacher for the past 20 plus years at some very well renowned and wealthy schools in the Boston area and whilst on a touring holiday, decided on a spur of the moment decision to call in at this little school in Playas del Coco. I was astounded at what I encountered, great teachers, great subject matter, great attention to student satisfaction and a really positive attitude about all their students. I was so inspired by the work they are doing I have arranged to return again with some special art supplies to help them with their ever expanding Arts program.”

The Martins

“We lived in Costa Rica for three years and Green Life Academy was a blessing to our family.

Both of our children attended GLA for all three years, 2009-2011.

The quality of education and teachers cannot be beat by any other school in Costa Rica.

Katie, Josh, Jodi and Thad do an outstanding job with the school and they are loved by all of the families.”

Maggie Martin

“Everything here is great! Green Life Academy truly set me up to be successful here in high school. I’m taking all honors classes and some AP! How are you?”

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