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Testimonial – Green Life Students in the U.S.

Testimonial from Green Life Academy Parent:

Green Life Academy Staff,

Our daughters attended Green Life Academy for 3 years while we lived in Costa Rica.  The individual attention they received from all their teachers over the years and the low student to teacher ratio helped them to learn at an advanced pace.  We now live in Charleston, SC and the girls recently applied for admission to the Charleston School of the Arts in Charleston with a rigorous and extremely competitive application process.  After much hard work putting together their portfolios, interviewing and auditioning, they were both accepted into the school and feel very lucky to have been chosen. 

There is no doubt that their experience at Green Life which utilizes a US accredited curriculum combined with a creative and highly supportive learning environment contributed to their excellent grades.  It made it easier to integrate back into the US school system and allowed them to achieve this success in the few short months they had to prepare before the applications were due.  We consider the teachers at Green Life Academy to be like our second family and highly recommend this school for any family that wishes to have a superior education for their child while abroad.

Christina (mother of Amber & Cora)- Charleston, SC.

Congratulation Amber and Cora and thank you Christina!  We miss you all here at the school in Coco.


Green Life Academy Staff

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