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Sub-Irrigated Planter Project

Last Week the students at Green Life Academy built self watering planters using old 2 liter bottles.  These sub-irrigation (aka “self-watering”) planters are better than any pot you can buy…and they’re free.  A mix of cilantro, basil, chilies, chery tomatoes and mustard were planted.  The system works by constantly wicking water up a piece of fabric and into the soil.  This is also an excellent way to keep your plants watered during the hot hot Guanacaste dry season.

Within 2 days, the first spouts appeared. We can’t wait to see how well these tasty plants grow! Check out the gallery below to see the project.

3 responses to “Sub-Irrigated Planter Project”

  1. Mike Poynton says:

    Looks like it was a fun project! Kudos! Be sure to send home some basil with Laila! Time for some bruschetta!

  2. ryan mccaughan says:

    You are the man Thad. Consider this idea stolen.

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