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Semana Civicas – 2011 Values Presentation

The week before Costa Rica’s independence day (September 15th) is called “Semana Civica“.  During this week, students from schools in local districts perform “Actas Civicas“.  Each day of of the week there is an event hosted by a local school at an important community gathering place.  On Wednesday, Green Life Academy students presented speeches on various values in front of cultural icon Doña  Lia Bonilla’s house on the futbal field.   Lia Bonilla Chavarría, a dance choreographer and long-time cultural preservationist, was given the  “Premio Nacional de Cultura Popular Tradicional” award last year and in 2005.  Premio Nacional de Cultura Popular Tradicional is an esteemed Costa Rican cultural designation that has been awarded to females, specifically females from the western province of Guanacaste.

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GLA students  gave speeches on the values of democracy, peace, liberty, equality, tolerance, and respect, as well as a thank you to Doña Bonilla’s cultural contributions to the world of Costarican Dance and music.  The event was finalized with with the anthems of the Guanacaste and Costa Rica.

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