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  • Enrollment Open for 2015!


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  • Matricula Abierta Para El 2015



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  • Community Garage Sale, Bake Sale – November 10th

    Community Garage sale

    For Further Information Please contact us:  or call 2670-0161

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  • AIM Research show their “Bottle Raft” to GLA Students

    GLA Students supporting AIM Research “Bottle Raft”

    Our AIM is for a RAFT RACE!!!
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    1. Mike Poynton says:

      That is truly awesome!

  • DIA DE LAS CULTURAS Friday 12th October


    Colourful introduction of Dia de las Culturas

    What an amazing array of talents in our students, parents and teachers.  Thank you to all of you for working so hard to produce such an excellent presentation on the various cultures.

    We hope you enjoyed researching and collecting the information as much as everyone else enjoyed learning from you.

    Next year we will make a point of creating enough space so that all the parents and friends can come along and join in the fun.

    An extra special word of thanks to the parents who put so much time and effort into the cooking of  the national dishes, a true feast of flavours which we all enjoyed, oh to have that delight every Friday.

    We cannot display this gallery

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  • New Owners of Green Life Academy!

    Andy & Lisa Gunton-Bunn with their two children Elizabeth and Bud.

    The new owners of Green Life Academy.

    Green Life Academy is under new ownership.  Please welcome Andy and Lisa.  This motivated couple will be administrating GLA and pushing forward with a fresh set of objectives and heart for education.
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    1. Mike Poynton says:

      Bienvenidos, all! Pura vida!

  • 2012 Green Life Science Fair

    First Place 2012 Science Fair Winners!

    It’s science fair time again!  This years science fair showing was the best one yet.   Students at Green Life Academy really put forth an effort and were able to make this a grand learning experience.  What makes a science fair project such a great learning experience is that it involves so much more than science.  Research, writing, mathematics, presentation, artistic expression and time management skills are all required for a successful science fair entry.  The gallery below shows some of the student’s projects and – in the healthy mode of competition- our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  All of the projects were an outstanding display of effort and scientific ingenuity.    Nice work Students!

    More pics and info below

    2nd Place Tie

    3rd Place Tie

    Full Gallery of GLA Science Fair Entries!

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    1. LuzMa says:

      Exito total!!

  • AIM Research and Green Life Students Team Up on Garden Project

    AIM Research Green Life Academy Costa RIca

    A.I.M. Research and their motivated volunteers worked up a sweat with the students prepping and planting in the garden.  The students started the plants from seed in their recycled sub irrigated planters.  With a large amount of basil, tomato, chili and cilantro plants, the group began the transplantation process.   Romy, the A.I.M. team leader stated, “There’s a ton of sweat and hard work ahead of us, but it’s so much fun!! Our goal at the academy is to combine a native plant restoration section with a common fruit and vegetable garden. This is a long-term project with plenty of stuff to do, so extra helping hands are always appreciated” .  This is their second visit and AIM Research will continue will continue the garden project with students in the following weeks.

    Below are some pictures of the most recent garden work day:

    What is the A.I.M. Research Project?

    A.I.M. Research Costa Rica, is a non-profit network that contributes to sustainability and the protection of our environment by utilizing the dedication and combined efforts of our volunteers to aid local protection and preservation endeavors. “Arco Iris del Mar,” A.I.M. for short, is Spanish for “Rainbow of the Sea” and is an environmental network in Costa Rica, operating since April 2012 and working closely with local communities to conserve threatened marine and coastal environments on a grassroots level, building up a showcase scenario that emphasises on a system approach. They  foster the protection of biodiversity by enriching the local community through environmental, educational and social programs.

     Volunteers from around the world can join on career breaks, student gap years and internships. They will work closely with our field research teams and in partnership with local communities while contributing to AIM’s approaches.

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  • Annexation of Guanacaste Day – July 25th 2012

    Annexation of Guanacaste Day pictureThe Annexation of Guanacaste Day, celebrated on July 25, commemorates the annexation of the province of Guanacaste from Nicaragua in 1824 and celebrates Costa Rica’s core value of democracy.  This celebration  originated in Liberia , which is the capital of the Guanacaste province.  Prior to 1824, Guanacaste was a part of Nicaragua; however, in 1824 Guanacaste asked to be annexed to Costa Rica rather than remain part of strife-torn Nicaragua.  The Central American Federation approved the annexation and thus Guanacaste became part of Costa Rica. Those living in Guanacaste take great pride in being a part of Costa Rica and claim that in 1824, they joined Costa Rica by choice.  Demonstrating their pride, Guanacastans possess the slogan, “De la Patria por Nuestro Voluntad”.  This phrase means ‘part of the country by our own choice’ in Spanish. The fact that Guanacastans emphasize that they became a part of Costa Rica by choice, shows how much democracy is valued in the region.   

    Students from Green Life Academy took part in this festive traditional celebration while donning traditional Guanacaste dress and holding the national flag with pride. They joined with fellow schools and locals in the Playas del Coco area.

    *A huge thank you  to Ingrid Perez, Yessenia Solis Ramirez, Andrea Blum, and Christine Wallace and Ligia for decorations

    Gallery Below:

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  • AIM Research Project Visits GLA

    Last Thursday, volunteers from the AIM Research Project visited Green Life for hands on activities with scuba equipment, videos, and question and answer sessions with marine biologists.  The students were totally engaged and full of questions.  The volunteers plan on returning on a regular basis.   AIM Research is now connected with the Playa Hermosa Artificial Reef Project  and teach Thad and will make ecology, marine life, and hands on activities a focus.

    Check out the gallery below

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  • Thermomania Field Trip

    Last week the 3rd through 8th Grade traveled to Thermomania.  It’s a water amusement park with pools heated by volcanic activity.  The students also took tours around the volcano and saw one of Costa Rica’s geothermal electricity plants, new solar stations and visited waterfalls and hot mud pots.

    Thermomania Bagaces Guanacaste is located at 26 kilometers north on the road to Guava, located facing the volcano Miravalles at the heart of the thermal activity of Costa Rica. It’s also next to one of Costa Rica’s main geothermal projects.  It’s an unforgettable experience in one of the most scenic regions of Guanacaste.

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  • Sub-Irrigated Planter Project

    Last Week the students at Green Life Academy built self watering planters using old 2 liter bottles.  These sub-irrigation (aka “self-watering”) planters are better than any pot you can buy…and they’re free.  A mix of cilantro, basil, chilies, chery tomatoes and mustard were planted.  The system works by constantly wicking water up a piece of fabric and into the soil.  This is also an excellent way to keep your plants watered during the hot hot Guanacaste dry season.

    Within 2 days, the first spouts appeared. We can’t wait to see how well these tasty plants grow! Check out the gallery below to see the project.

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    1. Mike Poynton says:

      Looks like it was a fun project! Kudos! Be sure to send home some basil with Laila! Time for some bruschetta!

    2. ryan mccaughan says:

      You are the man Thad. Consider this idea stolen.

    3. […] planting in the garden.  The students started the plants from seed in their recycled sub irrigated planters.  With a large amount of basil, tomato, chili and cilantro plants, the group began […]

  • Easter Hats and Semana Santa Fun

    On Friday, all GLA students were invited to wear their craziest Easter hats.  Everyone  had been working particularly  hard all week, so it was a great way to end the last day before the Semana Santa break. Thanks to all who participated. Enjoy the pictures!

    To See the winners of the Semana Santa crazy Easter hat contest, check below.

    2012 WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • GLA Preschool Gets a (Fun) Workout!

    Every Friday, the entire GLA student body gets a tough workout from their P.E. teacher, Mr. Cajina. His high standard of excellence doesn’t get overlooked during his preschool sessions, either. The preschoolers work hard for their teacher and have fun nonetheless while doing it!  They show their excitement both inside and outside the classroom.

    Green Life Academy Pres School

    For more pictures, check out the gallery below

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  • Congratulations 2011 Graduates!

    Green Life Academy honored its 2011 Kindergarten and 6th grade graduates on December 9, 2011.  Great work this year!

    Pic of Green Life Academy Graduation

    School Administrator - Mr. Arce

    Green Life Academy Graduation KInder and 6th

    2011 Graduates

    Green Life Academy Graduation

    Congratulations! Keep up the hard work!

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  • Jacky and the Chili Stalk – Dec 2011 Drama Presentation

    The Green Life Academy student body all had a hand in performing this years final presentation on Friday, December 9, 2011. They had been rehearsing and practicing for several months for this one night’s performance. It was definitely a night to remember.  Well done actors!

    Thank you teachers for all your extremely hard work; parents, for your continued support; and a very special “thank you” to Facundo Poj for creating all our props.

    We cannot display this gallery

    To see the full gallery, Check out Below

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  • Green Life Academy 2012 Updates

    Starting in 2012, we will have a new textbook system.  GLA will supply all books to each student, for a yearly rental fee.  Once the (non-consumable) books are returned in proper condition at the end of the school year, there will be no other charges.  Current parents will notice the drastic price difference, lowered by 50%-75%; and,  as an added bonus, in most grades the overall monthly fee has been reduced as well.

    We will continue to follow the same curriculum that we have been using for years which offers a challenging, gifted program to prepare an international student body to excel in a variety of the world’s finest schools and universities. In addition, our curriculum is enhanced with GLA workbooks which include teacher-recommended, state approved course materials and supplements.  Each GLA teacher gains more flexibility with each lesson by creating and designing appropriate lessons that cater to each academic subject. Often times when a child changes grades, he/she will have gaps in the content of their learning. Thus, GLA’s curriculum will stay continuous and build and grow throughout the grade levels so that your child’s education remains consistent.

    Our curriculum is all aligned with the U.S. and Costa Rican academic standards. Even though the study program at GLA includes the topics for each core subject recommended by MEP (Ministerio de Educacion), all students will follow a US accredited curriculum and, at the end of the school’s year, your child will receive an official graduation diploma from GLA and (if you choose) a certified transcript of your child’s grades.  GLA keeps academic records for all of its students; at the same time, all records will be sent to the head offices of our accrediting body. Keep in mind, a school year with us is equivalent to a school year in the US and is US accredited by Washington Board of Education; therefore, the transcripts can be used in case your child would join a different school in Costa Rica, the US or any other country, as well as apply to scholarships, grants, and financial aid when applying for universities and colleges.

     To receive more information about tuition rates, enrollment and/or to set up an appointment, send an email to   Also, you may view our contact page for more contact options.

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    1. katie says:

      I have emailed but didn’t receive a response. I am moving to CR from the states and I have a pre-school aged daughter. Can you send me more info?

  • Semana Civicas – 2011 Values Presentation

    The week before Costa Rica’s independence day (September 15th) is called “Semana Civica“.  During this week, students from schools in local districts perform “Actas Civicas“.  Each day of of the week there is an event hosted by a local school at an important community gathering place.  On Wednesday, Green Life Academy students presented speeches on various values in front of cultural icon Doña  Lia Bonilla’s house on the futbal field.   Lia Bonilla Chavarría, a dance choreographer and long-time cultural preservationist, was given the  “Premio Nacional de Cultura Popular Tradicional” award last year and in 2005.  Premio Nacional de Cultura Popular Tradicional is an esteemed Costa Rican cultural designation that has been awarded to females, specifically females from the western province of Guanacaste.

    We cannot display this gallery

    GLA students  gave speeches on the values of democracy, peace, liberty, equality, tolerance, and respect, as well as a thank you to Doña Bonilla’s cultural contributions to the world of Costarican Dance and music.  The event was finalized with with the anthems of the Guanacaste and Costa Rica.

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  • Carillo Track and Field Competiton

    On August 31st, 2011, Green Life Academy students made their first Track and Field appearance at the Carrillo Track and Field competition.  Green Life students from 9 to 12 years old competed in the 60m dash, 80m dash, long jump and the 800 meter relay.

    All of our students put forth excellent effort and exemplified great sportsmanlike attitudes.   Congrats to the girls relay team on taking FIRST PLACE  in the 800 meter race.  Regionals here we come!

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    1. Lily says:


  • Kindergarten Adventures 2011

    Pre-Kinder and Kinder classes at Green Life Academy are a blast thanks our hard working and dedicated teachers, Ms. Mowry and Ms. Torres.   The children really seem to love the hands-on approach to learning, the outdoors, and exercise (not to mention, getting a little dirty!).  See the full post to view the gallery.

    Green Life kindergarden and Pre Kinder

    Kinder Field Day 2011 Slideshow

    We cannot display this gallery

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  • Planting Pineapples And Picking Squash

    Ms. Elaine, our gardening wiz, works with all grade levels and  introduces fun, unique, and educational gardening classes.  This past month, the students planted their own manicured pineapple tops and picked some of our new squash.  They were ecstatic about the new squash crop.

    The students sprouted these squash in pots, then transplanted them into the garden and built cages around them to keep predators at bay. Success!  The squash seeds were obtained earlier this year from squash purchased from the Super Luperon in downtown Coco.  We should have more of this resilient squash coming as long as the Iguanas leave those tasty flowers alone.

    Click the Picture to Go to the Full Gallery

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  • Recycling Fun with the 1st and 2nd Graders

    The first and second graders  decided to make good use of some garbage in and near the school.    Check out the the results of some of our creative and gifted Green Life Students.   Nice fortress-building kids!

    Click on the Picture to See the Full Gallery:

    Green Life Trash Forts-2-photo 3

    See the Full Gallery by clicking on the Photo above or

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  • Corobici River Field Trip
    Last week, we took the 3rd-9th graders on a field trip down the Corobici River.  Once we boarded the rafts, we traveled down the gentle course for approximately 2 hours, where we saw a great variety of exotic birds, tropical wildlife, monkeys, and several crocodiles that live and thrive around the rivers edge.   We also enjoyed tropical fruits and a typical lunch at the restaurant.
     We cannot display this gallery

    Thank you Lupita Corrales with (Vargas Tours)Vargas Tours Guanacaste Costa Ricafor arranging the tour and  Rios Tropicales for an excellent trip with outstanding nature guides!

    Corobici River Trip Guanacaste Photos

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  • Spring 2010 Drama Presentation

    Thank you all for coming out and supporting our drama presentation, The Gingerbread Man. It was a wonderful turnout and the kids were stellar! We are all eager and excited to start rehearsing the next one!

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  • Testimonial – Green Life Students in the U.S.

    Testimonial from Green Life Academy Parent:

    Green Life Academy Staff,

    Our daughters attended Green Life Academy for 3 years while we lived in Costa Rica.  The individual attention they received from all their teachers over the years and the low student to teacher ratio helped them to learn at an advanced pace.  We now live in Charleston, SC and the girls recently applied for admission to the Charleston School of the Arts in Charleston with a rigorous and extremely competitive application process.  After much hard work putting together their portfolios, interviewing and auditioning, they were both accepted into the school and feel very lucky to have been chosen. 

    There is no doubt that their experience at Green Life which utilizes a US accredited curriculum combined with a creative and highly supportive learning environment contributed to their excellent grades.  It made it easier to integrate back into the US school system and allowed them to achieve this success in the few short months they had to prepare before the applications were due.  We consider the teachers at Green Life Academy to be like our second family and highly recommend this school for any family that wishes to have a superior education for their child while abroad.

    Christina (mother of Amber & Cora)- Charleston, SC.

    Congratulation Amber and Cora and thank you Christina!  We miss you all here at the school in Coco.


    Green Life Academy Staff

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  • Community Garage Sale/Bake Sale ~ May 7

    For more information please email:

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  • 2011 Student Garden Project

    2011 marks the start of the gardening project at Green Life Academy. Each Friday, students of all ages take part in outdoor related projects and/or do work in the student garden.  Lately the garden has been the focus.  There are three garden patches full and producing beautiful hearty plants.  The students have planted tomatoes, mint (hierba buena), cherry tomatoes, basil (albahaca), squash (ayote), chayote, black beans (frijoles negroes), parsley (perejil), ginger (jengibre) and hot pepper bushes (chiles).  Two more garden patches need to be dug to facilitate the planting of the pepper bushes, more basil and start the corn (maiz).

    Minus a few iguana incursions………all is healthy and growing.  Below are some picture of the hard working students and the recent progress.

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  • Dance Classes

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  • Learn Spanish Easily!

    Sign up in the office! Classes start Monday, March 7, 2011!

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  • Aprende Ingles Facilmente!

    lunes y miércoles

    5– 6 p.m. principiante

    6– 7 p.m. intermedio

  • 2 responses to “Aprende Ingles Facilmente!”

    1. Daniel Gray says:

      Do you think you might need a History, Political science, economics, social science teacher for 2012, 2013.. This year I will finish my degree in Political Science, minor in History. I worked at the Colorado State Capital from 1979 to 1996 as the Senate Reading Clerk, then as a contract lobbyist. In1996 I moved to Crestone Colorado where I trekked over two thousand miles in the Wilderness with four pack goats and my best friend Baily Barker..Recently I’ve been running Native landscaping, I’m a Colorado State University, Trained Master Gardner. The last five winters I have been spending them in Escazu Costa Rica acting at The Little Theater Group in San Jose..Please consider me in your future employment considerations.
      sincerely, daniel gray

    2. Thad says:

      After the growth and expansion we’ve had this year it’s hard to say what 2012 will look like. Your interesting background could certainly benefit the school. We’ll keep your information on file for the 2012 year starting in January.

      Thank you!


  • Classes Begin January 17th

    If you’re thinking about enrolling at Green Life Academy.  MAKE CONTACT NOW.  School begins in less than an week!

  • 2 responses to “Classes Begin January 17th”

    1. Paul Woodward says:

      Our daughter Paula Joanne is 2 years and four months old.
      Is there a late registration available for this year?We just got back from Spain. We live here in Cooco.
      Thank you very much

      • Hi Paul,

        Thank you for your interest in Green Life Academy. You can apply for late registration. Please stop in anytime tomorrow 8 a.m.-2 p.m. or call 267-0161/8853-1448 and speak to Josh or Katie Arce. We look forward to hearing from you.

        Green Life Academy

  • Year One Complete – Thank You Parents and Teachers

    Happy New Year and thank you to all the supportive parents, teachers and community members during our first year of operation.

    We now head into our second year of operation with a growing student base, expanding school grounds, and a positive attitude.

    For those interested in becoming a part of the Green Life family, whether it be as a volunte

    er or a parent with a new student,  please make contact soon.  Our classes are filling and time is running out.  School begins January 17th.


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  • First Annual Science Fair – December 2010

    The students at Green Life participated in the first annual Science Fair this December.   Student’s from preschool through 6th grade took part in science related projects and activities.  Picture below:

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  • Re-use Courses Available/Wanted

    This space is for parents to post and respond to each other regarding available and needed used course books for next year. Please “Leave a Reply” below or post to a reply.

  • 2 responses to “Re-use Courses Available/Wanted”

    1. Michelle says:

      Third grade course books available and in good shape.


    2. Denise says:

      Complete sets of Third grade and Sixth grade books available.

  • Students build and use Solar Box Cooker

    Last Friday the students at Green Life Academy built their first prototype solar oven using a cardboard box, aluminum foil and unused things from around the house.  This project was in response to video from the previous week about the use of solar cooking in Western Africa.   After looking at a few different designs, the students voted for the cardboard box solar oven.  Below are some pictures followed by a short musical video of the project.

    Below is a video of building the solar oven


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  • Green Life Academy 2010 Drama Presentation

    We are excited to announce the details for our second official drama presentation this year!  Come and watch as the students take us through an exciting presentation of the Wild West, Prehistoric times,The Egyptian era, and the future!

    “The Time Traveler


    Time: 5 p.m.

    Date: Friday, November 5, 2010

    Location: Condovac, Playa Hermosa

    Dinner: $12 Adults/$6 Children under 11 yrs (plus tax, RSVP)

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  • Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share….

    Green Life Academy hit the beaches of Playas del Coco Saturday morning  to help clean up its community shores.

    “It is such a great way to help foster a sense of community and responsibility in our kids,” stated a Green Life Academy mother.

    With a fun engaging contest for the students, the Green Life Academy team ended up collecting over 30 bags of trash in just one hour!  The students were happy to do their share while also collecting an unexpected prize at the finale. It was a win-win situation as far as we are concerned!

    We cannot display this gallery

    Also, a big thank you to Manfred and Plantworks for all your help!

  • 3 responses to “Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share….”

    1. Andres says:

      Great seeds for a greener future…

      • The students were motivated too. I was really impressed.
        I couldn’t believe how much trash they collected!

        We may just have to make a habit of cleaning the beach……

    2. Maria Fernanda says:

      Fue un orgullo ver a tod@s los que participaron, desde los mas peque;ines…de esta forma creceran con mejor conciencia, conservar y proteger es un buen legado y algo que tod@ debemos poner en practica!

  • Costa Rican Independence Day Parade

    On September 15th the students of Green Life Academy and other schools near Playas Del Coco got a chance to show their national pride.  September 13th starts La corrida de la antorcha, September 14th Los faroles, and September 15th marks the student pride parades.  Green Life students made a festive float with decoration and got a chance to dress up in traditional Costa Rican attire.  See the pictures below.

    And be sure and check out Nature Air’sarticle about history behind the celebrations in Coco.

    Excerpt from Nature Air’s website about the festivities:

    “Children dressed in traditional garb and armed with patriotic flags began the procession, followed by various floats. At least three public schools and all of the private schools in the area attended with floats, marching bands and bastoneras, or baton throwers. This was a real improvement over last year when, according to part-owner of Green Life Academy Joshua Arce, only two or three schools participated.”

    Patriotism and Parades in Playas Del Coco

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  • Students Plant Lettuce and Basil – Homemade Hydroponics

    Last Friday, students at Green Life Academy got to try out their green thumbs with our good friend from Verde Natural, Mr. Juan Gabriel Masis.  After an informative class, the students planted Basil seeds and placed lettuce sprout-lings into a custom made hydroponic planter, a wonderful continuous project that keeps giving!

    We cannot display this gallery

    Green Life Academy – Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste,  Costa Rica

  • 2 responses to “Students Plant Lettuce and Basil – Homemade Hydroponics”

    1. Hydroponics says:

      hey, first time I visit your blog its really interesting………..mindblowing!!!!!!!

    2. Thad says:

      Thank you @Hydroponics

      Come down and visit beautiful Guanacaste sometime.

  • Green Life Basketball Court Completed

    The new basketball court at Green Life Academy in Playas Del Coco has had its finishing touches done and is ready for play.  Below are some pictures of the finished court complete with a backstop. (to prevent balls from disappearing into the jungle)

    Thanks you to all the people, donations, and hard work that made this court happen.   It’s the perfect complement to the sand volleyball court and futbal area.  Unless there’s one hiding, this may be the only full size basketball court  in Playas Del Coco.

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  • An Accredited, College-preparatory High School in Playas Del Coco

    Green Life Academy is now offering a fully accredited (internationally) high school education.

    By teaming up with  National High School, constructing a state of the art computer lab, and offering a supervised, stimulating environment for the growth, socialization,  and education of your student, Green Life Academy will be able to offer a solid college-bound high school curriculum.

    Click Here for Admissions

    Click Here for Contact Information

  • One response to “An Accredited, College-preparatory High School in Playas Del Coco”

    1. Marie says:

      To be able to offer this in in Coco, by the beach is amazing. I hope this goes well. What a positive thing for the area!

  • High School Program

    Traducir esta página

    High School Program

    We offer a unique and flexible approach to earning high school credit using computer-led courses  in addition to live classroom, teacher-led courses at Green Life Academy. Our high school program is based on the belief that all students should have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma, while recognizing that not all students are able to accomplish this in the traditional educational setting offered in Costa Rica.

    Why choose Green Life Academy’s High School Program?

    • Earn a High School Diploma: Customize your educational plans and earn a diploma using 21st century technology and using the guidance, technology, and support of Green Life Academy’s faculty.
    • Schedule with Flexibility: Complete courses with flexibility to best fit daily schedules to include Green Life Academy’s enrichment courses/activities.
    • Select from Advanced or Remedial Courses: Choose courses that meet your academic needs and support your learning style.
    • Classroom Monitors: Our high school facilitators will ensure a safe and secure environment while adding continual feedback and support to all students.

    Integrating Technology with the learning Process:


    A powerful learning platform that is user-friendly

    • Access course syllabi, assignment-related specifics and suggestions, links to supplementary resources; examinations and instructional guidelines.
    • Highly interactive and written for a variety of learners (Students will enjoy learning with the interactive learning cartoons and educational videos provided by United Streaming, Discovery Channel, BrainPop, Digital Curriculum Corporation, and various other interactive web-based resources as well as dedicated chatrooms and message boards
    • Provides students with a broad range of support mechanisms essential to student success.
    • Accelerated learners or students with special needs can learn at their own pace.
    • The automated testing and grading functions will make management of lessons easy for any student to handle.
    • The online curriculum uses eBooks from Holt McDougal, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, ThinkCentral and StoryTown.


    Green Life Academy’s High School program has a wide variety of course offerings to help aid your academic/career path.

    With our high school curriculum, you will generally find more course offerings than in traditional high schools. Our counselors are available year round to help students pick the courses that are right for them and their post graduation goals. We also have a Course Suggestion List with recommended classes to begin with. Our high school accredited curriculum is challenging, innovative, and aligned with national standards.

    Students awarded a high school diploma must satisfactorily complete the minimum 24 credit requirements to graduate.

    Academic Environment and Student Achievement:

    • Green Life Academy’s High School provides solidly-grounded courses, each and every one of which includes extensive professional-level content and stimulating interactive implementation
    • Each course has been developed and reviewed by multiple field experts, and is subject to regular revision, as the faculty, administration and National Advisory Council deems appropriate.
    • In tandem with course syllabi and programmatic development, faculties of the highest caliber (nationally-recruited) select and approve the text or texts and readings for each course.
    • Qualified faculty and significant learning resources are in place to facilitate and foster student success: that is the Green Life Academy High School’s ultimate objective.  

    Graduation Requirements (denoted with (G))

    High School Math Courses


    Language Arts

    Social Studies

    Intro to Algebra

    Biology (G)

    LA I – 9th (G)

    U.S. History (G)

    Algebra 1


    LAII – 10th (G)

    U.S. Government (G)

    Algebra 2

    Earth Science

    LAIII – 11th (G)

    World History


    Life Science

    LAIV – 12th (G)

    African American History

    Advanced Math

    Physical Science (G)

    Business Math


    Basic Math

    Physical Education

    Transitional Math



    Art Fundamentals I

    English Support


    Spanish I

    Art Fundamentals II

    French I

    Music & Technology

    Spanish II

    Art History

    French II

    Music History I

    Study Skills

    Business Foundations


    Music History II

    Web 2.0

    Career Exploration

    Health (G)


    Web Design I

    Classical Tragedies

    Health Foundations

    Office Technology

    Web Design II

    Computer Skills

    Life Skills

    Physical Education (G)

    Writing Skills

    Creative Writing

    Music Appreciation


    Work Study I

    Current Events


    Reading Support

    Work Study I

  • 2 responses to “High School Program”

    1. maría sánchez de las matas martín says:

      Deso conocer precios de mensualidades para 6º grado en adelante. También horarios.
      María SMM

    2. Hola María,

      Por favor, visita nuestra página de la “admission” en “tuition and fees.” Gracias.

      puede hacer clic aquí

  • Congo Trail Field Trip Video

    On Thursday June 10th, the preschool, kinder and first grade went to the Congo Trail animal park and butterfly garden.  It was a great way to celebrate the outstanding work the students completed the first semester.  Thanks to all the teachers, parents and well behaved kids who made this a memorable trip.  Also, a big thanks to Sophia’s dad for making this video!


    The Congo Trail park is also known for it’s zip line and ATV tours.  It’s located in a the quaint little town of Artola in the province of Guanacaste, just off the main road to Matapalo and the RIU Hotel.

    P.S.  If anyone has good pics of the Rincon De La Vieja field trip with the 2nd – 6th grader went on, please email your favorite pics to:

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    1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Playa Del Coco, Green Life Academy. Green Life Academy said: Congo Trail Field Trip Video « Green Life Academy – Playas Del Coco – […]

  • Hike Through the Northern Playa Hermosa Peninsula

    This past Saturday June 5th, the Green Life Hiking Club took a hike over the Northern peninsula of the Playa Hermosa bay.   The destination was the was the beautiful beach near the old Costa Blanca Hotel.  We hiked, snorkeled, explored, buried Mrs. Arce in the sand, and played Frisbee—–can’t get any better.   The water was crystal clear and the nearby reef formation was filled with aquatic life.   Thad spotted over 10 different fish, including needle fish, barber fish, sergeant major fish, and Mexican goat fish.  You can view the full gallery by clicking the post title.

    Sweat Pays Off!

    Fortunately the school just purchased 3 additional pairs of snorkel gear for the the next trip.  With so much life under the sea, it would be a shame if all of the students didn’t get to visit with the fishes! We hope to return soon for a trip focusing on marine life identification and good underwater fun.

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  • Green Life Students Build Mini Solar Ovens

    Last week the Friday fun project was building solar hot dog cookers.    Solar ovens utilize the power of the sun to cook food.  There’s no need for, gas, fire or electricity.  The solar cookers the students built required a few materials that could be found in your local trashcan.

    The material list is as follows: 1 Pringles can, 1 plastic bag, 1 metal coat hanger, tape and tin foil.

    In Costa Rica we don’t have much of an issue with obtaining fuel, wood or electricity to cook food, but in places like Sudan things are much different. Shortages of fuel and firewood have had negative impacts on the safety and survival of Darfuri women; the primary collectors of firewood.   Each month they must travel increasingly long distances to find wood for fuel.   It’s a sad irony that the task has to be competed while the hot sun beats down—–the same free sun that has the power to cook their food.

    The “Darfur Peace and Development Program” has been doing just this.  Over the past few years they have been teaching thousands in Sudanese how to build and use solar ovens.   Check out the link to see more about the program.

    Their D.P.D.P. Website Lays out 5 Key Benefits to Solar Cooking:

    Solar cooking:

    • Reduces fire wood gathering and the related exposure to violence;
    • Reduces the consumption of firewood, slowing deforestation;
    • Saves time. Women have time and energy for other important child-rearing and household activities;
    • Presents no risk of burns to small children or food;
    • Potentially provides employment for women who make and sell the cookers

    Soon, the students at Green Life Academy will build full size solar cookers and get to test them out. Pictures to follow.

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  • Another Great Hike and Beach Day at Playa Prieta

    Saturday May 15th, the Green Life Academy students packed their lunches, filled their water bottles and  strapped on their backpacks for a walk to the beautiful “Playa Prieta”.   The nearly 1400 wooden stairs up and down were a bit of a challenge, but the fun at the beach was worth it.   It was a perfect sunny day on the Papagayo Peninsula that decided to cool everyone off with light rain before the walk back up the stairs.  By the time we got to the top a few of us had shaky legs, but everyone made it!

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  • Green Life Students Bake Bread over a Camp Fire

    Last Friday, the student learned how to make bread over a camp fire.  This is commonly referred to as bannock.   For thousands of years, people around the world have prepared simple breads cooked over wood fires.  The students at Green Life Academy in Playas Del Coco, learned this most ancient method of preparing bread on a stick.

    The soldiers of the United States revolutionary war made it often during the long hard winters and in many parts of Africa this style of bread is still made.  The recipe is simple: Flour, salt, water.  Baking powder can be used to help the dough rise as it’s cooking.  The students mixed in some seasoned salt and it turned out pretty tasty.  You can see how it would be simple to bring a bag of dry mix in your backpack and have an excellent long lasting survival food.  Just add water!  And be  sure and use a green stick, or you’ll likely lose your bread in the fire.

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  • Green Life Community Garage Sale – May 8th

    On May 8th from 9am – 2pm Green Life Academy will be hosting a large community sale at the school in Playas Del Coco.  Those interested in selling their things, wares,  creations and crafts are welcome come and set up shop.   There will be tables available, but you may want to call and reserve one if you’ll be bringing a lot of things.   We’ll have food, refreshments and good community fun!  You can also check out the FaceBook Event Page.

    Green Life Academy Community Rummage Sale

    Community Garage Sale in Playas Del Coco

    All of the public are welcome.   Food and beverage vendors are encouraged to come and sell!

    This will bring us one step closer to  building the Green Life Academy Basketball Court!

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  • Green Life Hiking Club Trip to Playa Penca

    On Saturday April 17th 2010, Green Life Academy took its first hiking trip with large group of volunteers from the school.   The group, consisting of 2nd grade all the way up to 6th grade hiked from the entrance of the Cacique peninsula down the hilly route to Playa Penca.  Playa Penca is one of the nicest beaches in the Playas Del Coco area.  It was good leg and cardio workout and a fun day at the beach.  This was our first hiking trip fund raiser for the new basketball court.  Fitness and fund raising……what a combo!

    Maybe we should try Mt. Chirripo?  It’s the toughest and highest hike in Costa Rica.  Someday!


    Green Life Academy is a new school located in The Guanacaste province of Costa Rica.

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  • Earth Day 2010 – 40th Anniversary Tree Planting

    Today is Earth Day 2010″.  Tomorrow morning the students will be planting orange trees on the school property in Playas Del Coco and learning more about sustainability, recycling, reusing and being a good caretaker of the earth you live on.  See the photo slideshow below.

    Official Earth Day Website

    We cannot display this gallery

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  • Green Life is Getting a New Concrete Basketball Court?

    The rumors are true! We’re building up funds to put in a full concrete basketball court in the spacious back yard of Green Life Academy.  In the following weeks you’ll see us doing a myriad of activities and fund raisers to reach our goal.  Stay in touch to see what the we’re up to. 

    We’ll be conducting hiking trips, hosting sales at the school and even selling mangoes.  And of course, any voluntary donations will be greatly appreciated.

    pura vida

    Hooray, Green Life is getting a court! Pura Vida man!

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  • Survival Class – Preparing and Eating Cactus

    The K-6th grade students got a chance to learn how to prepare and cook wild cactus.   This variety of prickly pear cactus grows abundantly in the dry tropical forests and coastlines of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  They are also known as “nopalesOpuntia” and “paddle cactus”. While there are many different ways to prepare them, we focused on the two simplest way to cook in the wild: roasting and boiling.  We cheated a bit with the roasted ones and used a special recipe so the kids would enjoy eating them.

    See the gallery and recipe below to learn how to cook up your own Nopales.  They’re a great camping food!

    So, if you’re ever stuck somewhere and hungry in Central America, here’s one more thing to add to your survival toolbox.

    Grilled Cactus Recipe

    First cut the spines and their bases off using a knife.  You can also burn the spines off, but I still suggest cutting off the bases due to their course texture.

    Brush with Olive oil

    Grill both sides until crispy

    Cut into strips

    Sprinkle lime juice and sea salt to taste


    You can also boil them and serve them cold or use them as a salad ingredient.

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  • 2 responses to “Survival Class – Preparing and Eating Cactus”

    1. Nick Schmidt says:

      Oh yea.. That is the good stuff!1 Reminds me of the times in Costa Rica.

      So did they kids like it?

  • Green Life Academy Featured on

    This month Green Life Academy in Playas Del Coco was featured on the #1 Site in Costa Rica. featured an interview with one of our staff and included multiple pictures of the school.  This was exciting for the group.  Our school being featured on a prestigious site like was quite an honor.

    Check out the Article:

    Teaching in Costa Rica

    Green Life Academy Goat Mascot

    I think the interviewer Julia wanted to take Oreo the school mascot home with her. No no no Julia!

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  • Green Life Students Receive Survival Medical Training

    On March 6th the students at Green Life Academy received training on field expedient leg splints and stretchers using only t-shirts and sticks.  An injured or broken leg in the wild can be detrimental to survival if not properly splinted.

    They were also taught the steps in evaluating an injured person and a fun mnemonic device.  This training was derived from the US Army Combat Life Saver course.

    a. Really (Responsiveness)
    b. Bad (Breathing)
    c. Boys (Bleeding)
    d. Should (Shock)
    e. Find (Fractures)
    f. Better (Burns)
    g. Habits (Head Injury)

    “The point isn’t whether or not the kids remember every last tidbit of information.  The goal is to add some ideas to their survival toolbox and remember there are lot’s of useful things on your body and in your environment.  We try and make it fun so that they are more apt to remember the heart of the exercise.  Someday, ten or twenty years down the road, they might be stuck on a mountain somewhere and remember something they did here.”  – Thad (US Army Infantry veteran, Cert. Combat Lifesaver, Cert. Personal trainer and survival enthusiast)

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  • One response to “Green Life Students Receive Survival Medical Training”

    1. Genna says:

      Great quote!

  • Friday Fun – Purifying Water and Preschool Bake Sale

    This Friday was packed with fun.  The Kindergarten through 6th grade started off the day with a survival presentation by Thad on the importance of water and different ways to make it safe for drinking.   Then, all of the students made their own water filters with plastic bottles, sand, rock,charcoal and multiple pieces of Thad’s t-shirt.

    The Preschool hosted a bake sale and sold cookies, fruit and cupcakes to the older kids.   Congrats to our future entrepreneurs!

    Some interesting links:

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  • 1st Day of School, Monday January 18th

    The time has finally arrived!  This Monday, the first day of the 2010 school year at Green Life Academy begins.

    We’d like to thank all those who supported us through the past fall and winter season to make this dream become a reality. It’s our mission to provide an education second to none to the children in Guanacaste and continue to improve on ourselves as the year progresses.  Green Life Academy will not only serve as a place for education but as positive force in the Playa Del Coco community.   Feel free to contact and see what we’re all about.

    Pura Vida!

    Green Life Academy - Playa Del Coco - 2010 - Year One

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  • Green Life Academy Goats!

    We just built a fenced in area and a little house for our new goats.  They’re about 2 months old and are the friendliest creatures I’ve ever met.  Now all we need are names.  Any ideas?

    Green Life Acadmey GoatsGreen Life Academy GoatsGreen Life Academy GoatsGreen Life Academy Goats

  • 4 responses to “Green Life Academy Goats!”

    1. Nikki says:

      The goats are so cute!! I can’t wait till next year! Are the goats babies or already adults?? The school is so big, I can’t wait! It’s gonna be a huge difference, since the school is much, much bigger than the school we are in right now! Can wait to go to school tomorrow! And can’t wait to go to school next year!!


    Traducir esta página

    Come and see what Green Life Academy is all about!

    Green Life Academy  is open for tours and registration every Monday – Friday 8-12PM Until Jan 17th 2010  (other times by appointment). We’ll have sample curriculum available and tours of the grounds and facilities.


    Currently Enrolling Maternal, Preschool & K-8!

    We have nearly 5 acres of green area for the children to play and large spacious classrooms. We are prepping the building and landscaping for the 2010 School year. 

    If you cannot meet with us Monday-Friday 8-12PM, call or email for an appointment.

    Please browse the website for more information concerning specific grade-level curriculum, enrollment, tuition, and schedules.

    200 Meters East of the Anchor to Playas del Coco

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  • 2 responses to “OPEN HOUSE * MONDAYS-FRIDAYS * 8-12PM”

    1. Jimi and Luca says:

      In the chaos and busyness of today’s times it’s refreshing to see a school that is dedicated to STUDENTS and their EDUCATION.

    2. Lauren says:

      I am so thrilled that this school is in motion. This is exactly what Guanacaste needs – a place where students can get a consistent, high quality education. Before Green Life, parents had no dependable place to send their children for a solid educational foundation. Nobody is better equipped to tackle this than Jodi Rund! I am so relieved that such a wonderful and gifted teacher has taken on such an important task.

  • Green Life Academy’s Curriculum Used by U.S. Foreign Service Personnel

    greenlifelogoThe internationally accredited  Calvert School Curriculum has been recommended by the US Department of State for it’s Foreign Service personnel and their families while deployed abroad.  The Diplomatic Services  have been using Calvert for over 100 years.  Green Life Academy also recognizes Calvert’s essential value and implements it as its core curriculum.

    From the US Department of State Website:

    “One home study program frequently used by Foreign Service families is the Calvert Home School Program, in use for over 100 years, through the Calvert School in Baltimore, Maryland. The Calvert Home Instruction Department will mail a box containing all the textbooks for a grade level, a student manual with the daily lesson schedule and a series of tests throughout the year, a detailed teacher’s manual with the daily lesson assignments and teacher helps for each subject each day, and pencils, paper, and a ruler.

    Calvert also offers the Advisory Service option which assigns a Calvert teacher to the student as host advisory teacher for the school year. This teacher will grade the student’s tests, comment on his work and be available to the home study teacher and student for questions or assistance. The student receives a grade report at the end of each test session and a grade completion certificate at the end of the year. Transcripts are available from the Calvert School when applying for entry into another school if the student has been enrolled in the Advisory Program. The Home Study Program and Advisory Program costs are covered by the Department of State’s educational allowance for home study.”

    Source Link: The Home Study Option – US Department of State




  • One response to “Green Life Academy’s Curriculum Used by U.S. Foreign Service Personnel”

    1. Well, if it’s good enough for Jason Bourne……I guess it’s good enough for us!

  • What a Response!

    In less than a week, has had over 1000 visitors!  We’ve had an extremely positive response from families in the area.   Contact us and come take a look at the new location!

    What a response!

    Thanks from Green Life Academy!

  • One response to “What a Response!”

    1. Hey!
      How did you do that pic of people looking at all the pics of Green Life Academy?
      That is too cool!
      I just put a new page on ruffle couture based on Green Life academy!