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High School Program

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High School Program

We offer a unique and flexible approach to earning high school credit using computer-led courses  in addition to live classroom, teacher-led courses at Green Life Academy. Our high school program is based on the belief that all students should have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma, while recognizing that not all students are able to accomplish this in the traditional educational setting offered in Costa Rica.

Why choose Green Life Academy’s High School Program?

  • Earn a High School Diploma: Customize your educational plans and earn a diploma using 21st century technology and using the guidance, technology, and support of Green Life Academy’s faculty.
  • Schedule with Flexibility: Complete courses with flexibility to best fit daily schedules to include Green Life Academy’s enrichment courses/activities.
  • Select from Advanced or Remedial Courses: Choose courses that meet your academic needs and support your learning style.
  • Classroom Monitors: Our high school facilitators will ensure a safe and secure environment while adding continual feedback and support to all students.

Integrating Technology with the learning Process:


A powerful learning platform that is user-friendly

  • Access course syllabi, assignment-related specifics and suggestions, links to supplementary resources; examinations and instructional guidelines.
  • Highly interactive and written for a variety of learners (Students will enjoy learning with the interactive learning cartoons and educational videos provided by United Streaming, Discovery Channel, BrainPop, Digital Curriculum Corporation, and various other interactive web-based resources as well as dedicated chatrooms and message boards
  • Provides students with a broad range of support mechanisms essential to student success.
  • Accelerated learners or students with special needs can learn at their own pace.
  • The automated testing and grading functions will make management of lessons easy for any student to handle.
  • The online curriculum uses eBooks from Holt McDougal, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, ThinkCentral and StoryTown.


Green Life Academy’s High School program has a wide variety of course offerings to help aid your academic/career path.

With our high school curriculum, you will generally find more course offerings than in traditional high schools. Our counselors are available year round to help students pick the courses that are right for them and their post graduation goals. We also have a Course Suggestion List with recommended classes to begin with. Our high school accredited curriculum is challenging, innovative, and aligned with national standards.

Students awarded a high school diploma must satisfactorily complete the minimum 24 credit requirements to graduate.

Academic Environment and Student Achievement:

  • Green Life Academy’s High School provides solidly-grounded courses, each and every one of which includes extensive professional-level content and stimulating interactive implementation
  • Each course has been developed and reviewed by multiple field experts, and is subject to regular revision, as the faculty, administration and National Advisory Council deems appropriate.
  • In tandem with course syllabi and programmatic development, faculties of the highest caliber (nationally-recruited) select and approve the text or texts and readings for each course.
  • Qualified faculty and significant learning resources are in place to facilitate and foster student success: that is the Green Life Academy High School’s ultimate objective.  

Graduation Requirements (denoted with (G))

High School Math Courses


Language Arts

Social Studies

Intro to Algebra

Biology (G)

LA I – 9th (G)

U.S. History (G)

Algebra 1


LAII – 10th (G)

U.S. Government (G)

Algebra 2

Earth Science

LAIII – 11th (G)

World History


Life Science

LAIV – 12th (G)

African American History

Advanced Math

Physical Science (G)

Business Math


Basic Math

Physical Education

Transitional Math



Art Fundamentals I

English Support


Spanish I

Art Fundamentals II

French I

Music & Technology

Spanish II

Art History

French II

Music History I

Study Skills

Business Foundations


Music History II

Web 2.0

Career Exploration

Health (G)


Web Design I

Classical Tragedies

Health Foundations

Office Technology

Web Design II

Computer Skills

Life Skills

Physical Education (G)

Writing Skills

Creative Writing

Music Appreciation


Work Study I

Current Events


Reading Support

Work Study I

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