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Green Life Students Receive Survival Medical Training

On March 6th the students at Green Life Academy received training on field expedient leg splints and stretchers using only t-shirts and sticks.  An injured or broken leg in the wild can be detrimental to survival if not properly splinted.

They were also taught the steps in evaluating an injured person and a fun mnemonic device.  This training was derived from the US Army Combat Life Saver course.

a. Really (Responsiveness)
b. Bad (Breathing)
c. Boys (Bleeding)
d. Should (Shock)
e. Find (Fractures)
f. Better (Burns)
g. Habits (Head Injury)

“The point isn’t whether or not the kids remember every last tidbit of information.  The goal is to add some ideas to their survival toolbox and remember there are lot’s of useful things on your body and in your environment.  We try and make it fun so that they are more apt to remember the heart of the exercise.  Someday, ten or twenty years down the road, they might be stuck on a mountain somewhere and remember something they did here.”  – Thad (US Army Infantry veteran, Cert. Combat Lifesaver, Cert. Personal trainer and survival enthusiast)

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