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Green Life Students Build Mini Solar Ovens

Last week the Friday fun project was building solar hot dog cookers.    Solar ovens utilize the power of the sun to cook food.  There’s no need for, gas, fire or electricity.  The solar cookers the students built required a few materials that could be found in your local trashcan.

The material list is as follows: 1 Pringles can, 1 plastic bag, 1 metal coat hanger, tape and tin foil.

In Costa Rica we don’t have much of an issue with obtaining fuel, wood or electricity to cook food, but in places like Sudan things are much different. Shortages of fuel and firewood have had negative impacts on the safety and survival of Darfuri women; the primary collectors of firewood.   Each month they must travel increasingly long distances to find wood for fuel.   It’s a sad irony that the task has to be competed while the hot sun beats down—–the same free sun that has the power to cook their food.

The “Darfur Peace and Development Program” has been doing just this.  Over the past few years they have been teaching thousands in Sudanese how to build and use solar ovens.   Check out the link to see more about the program.

Their D.P.D.P. Website Lays out 5 Key Benefits to Solar Cooking:

Solar cooking:

  • Reduces fire wood gathering and the related exposure to violence;
  • Reduces the consumption of firewood, slowing deforestation;
  • Saves time. Women have time and energy for other important child-rearing and household activities;
  • Presents no risk of burns to small children or food;
  • Potentially provides employment for women who make and sell the cookers

Soon, the students at Green Life Academy will build full size solar cookers and get to test them out. Pictures to follow.

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