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Green Life Students Bake Bread over a Camp Fire

Last Friday, the student learned how to make bread over a camp fire.  This is commonly referred to as bannock.   For thousands of years, people around the world have prepared simple breads cooked over wood fires.  The students at Green Life Academy in Playas Del Coco, learned this most ancient method of preparing bread on a stick.

The soldiers of the United States revolutionary war made it often during the long hard winters and in many parts of Africa this style of bread is still made.  The recipe is simple: Flour, salt, water.  Baking powder can be used to help the dough rise as it’s cooking.  The students mixed in some seasoned salt and it turned out pretty tasty.  You can see how it would be simple to bring a bag of dry mix in your backpack and have an excellent long lasting survival food.  Just add water!  And be  sure and use a green stick, or you’ll likely lose your bread in the fire.

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