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Green Life Academy 2012 Updates

Starting in 2012, we will have a new textbook system.  GLA will supply all books to each student, for a yearly rental fee.  Once the (non-consumable) books are returned in proper condition at the end of the school year, there will be no other charges.  Current parents will notice the drastic price difference, lowered by 50%-75%; and,  as an added bonus, in most grades the overall monthly fee has been reduced as well.

We will continue to follow the same curriculum that we have been using for years which offers a challenging, gifted program to prepare an international student body to excel in a variety of the world’s finest schools and universities. In addition, our curriculum is enhanced with GLA workbooks which include teacher-recommended, state approved course materials and supplements.  Each GLA teacher gains more flexibility with each lesson by creating and designing appropriate lessons that cater to each academic subject. Often times when a child changes grades, he/she will have gaps in the content of their learning. Thus, GLA’s curriculum will stay continuous and build and grow throughout the grade levels so that your child’s education remains consistent.

Our curriculum is all aligned with the U.S. and Costa Rican academic standards. Even though the study program at GLA includes the topics for each core subject recommended by MEP (Ministerio de Educacion), all students will follow a US accredited curriculum and, at the end of the school’s year, your child will receive an official graduation diploma from GLA and (if you choose) a certified transcript of your child’s grades.  GLA keeps academic records for all of its students; at the same time, all records will be sent to the head offices of our accrediting body. Keep in mind, a school year with us is equivalent to a school year in the US and is US accredited by Washington Board of Education; therefore, the transcripts can be used in case your child would join a different school in Costa Rica, the US or any other country, as well as apply to scholarships, grants, and financial aid when applying for universities and colleges.

 To receive more information about tuition rates, enrollment and/or to set up an appointment, send an email to   Also, you may view our contact page for more contact options.

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  1. katie says:

    I have emailed but didn’t receive a response. I am moving to CR from the states and I have a pre-school aged daughter. Can you send me more info?