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Our Curriculum Inspires the Best in Your Child

Solid foundations in basic skills are the greatest building blocks to success and satisfaction. Because of this we focus strongly on the core skills at the outset and emphasise quality and value in a students work. As much as is practicable we utilize our external environment to enforce the traditional learning environment.  This helps reinforce text book type information with real life situations. We hand pick the most effective, quality, subject specific curricula as well as supplement the learning needs of our students with the wide range of resources available globally.

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Here at Green Life Academy, we are excited and inspired by our curriculum for the Guanacaste community. Since the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) in Costa Rica recognizes our accreditation, we will also offer MEP-specific curriculum courses such as Spanish and social studies to insure no gaps in instruction for children wishing to transfer to other MEP schools.

Our Curriculum is Time-tested

Shortly after our inception, families were drawn to our academically challenging coursework, the detailed lessons, and the fact that our lessons left no gaps in instruction. Once they tried the program, their children’s academic success quickly reassured their decision.

Our Curriculum Provides Flexibility

Working in a small classroom, teachers can work at a pace appropriate for their students; they can move quickly over easily understood materials while taking extra time for difficult concepts. Our materials also provide opportunities for drilling and review, while at the same time allowing a student to work on an academically rigorous program that meets his or her individual pacing needs.

Green Life Academy Has a Track Record of Success

Numerous students continue to reap the benefits of Green Life Academy’s curriculum. Here at Green Life Academy, the curriculum doesn’t just teach educational fundamentals, it inspires the best in children.



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  1. Also –

    Our curriculum is fully recognized by MEP. Plus, we are offering MEP curriculum courses so there are no gaps in instruction for children wishing to transfer to other MEP schools.

  2. We also offer MEP courses so there are not gaps in the education of students wanting to transfer to other schools. The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) has informed us in writing that it will accept students with our accreditation as it is from the United States. If the MEP school you are wanting to transfer to does not have anyone who can communicate in English, then you would need to translate the transcripts of your child(ren).

    I hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Hi, we’re still in the US but looking for HS in Guanacaste. I like your program and I was wondering if there is any Financial Aid available.

    Thank you,

    • Thad says:

      Yes, financial aid is available. I responded via your email.
      Thank you for your interest.


  4. Karol says:

    Buen día,quisiera saber cuando son las matriculas y como es la forma de pago.Mis hijos tienen 6 y 10

  5. M. Vanessa Peñaranda Ch says:

    Hola yo soy docente en Educación en I y II ciclos de Educación Primaria

    Quisiera saber si requieren maestros para este curso lectivo que inicia y si es posible enviar mi curriculum para su valoración, yo tengo varios años de experiencia en este campo.
    Atte Maria Vanessa Peñaranda Muchas Gracias

  6. Rita Bernal says:

    Hola: tengo una especialidad en agricultura organica, hidroponía,cultivos vegetales y plantas medicinales bajo ambientes protegidos y quisiera saber si les interesaría les enviara mi curriculum para cursos y/o elaborar algún proyecto dentro de la institucion que ayudara a la comunidad. Pienso trasladarme a vivir a guanacaste muy pronto y ando buscando opciones. Muchas gracias.

  7. Yirlany Guillen M. says:

    Hola soy Profesora de la Especialidad Turismo e imparto varios cursos, soy de Playas del Coco por si estan interesados en contratar personar. Mi correo es Estoy disponible en cuanto al horario.