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2011 Student Garden Project

2011 marks the start of the gardening project at Green Life Academy. Each Friday, students of all ages take part in outdoor related projects and/or do work in the student garden.  Lately the garden has been the focus.  There are three garden patches full and producing beautiful hearty plants.  The students have planted tomatoes, mint (hierba buena), cherry tomatoes, basil (albahaca), squash (ayote), chayote, black beans (frijoles negroes), parsley (perejil), ginger (jengibre) and hot pepper bushes (chiles).  Two more garden patches need to be dug to facilitate the planting of the pepper bushes, more basil and start the corn (maiz).

Minus a few iguana incursions………all is healthy and growing.  Below are some picture of the hard working students and the recent progress.

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